Our company has been consistently growing over the past few years which has caused us to make many changes to our facilities.  A few months back, the company decided to move the maintenance shop to the pallet warehouse to gain much more space to work and a lot more room for tools and storage.  Yazoo decided to turn the old maintenance shop into a brand new employee break area and renovate the old storage room into new, additional employee bathrooms.

The new enclosed employee break area has a brand new kitchen, two large windows to let natural sunlight in, brand new tables and chairs, and has heating and air conditioning.  This clean, bright, and quiet atmosphere allows employees to step away from their working environment and enjoy their breaks in this new bigger and modern break area.  In addition to the new break area, Yazoo also renovated the old storage room into additional men’s and women’s bathrooms for employees to use.


The year 2014 is already starting to prove that it is going to be a busy one for Yazoo Mills.  We will be adding flexibility and gaining efficiency with the installation of three new Bell-Mark Flexographic in-line printers bringing us to a grand total of 14 throughout the plant.

Bell-Mark produces printers that are very simplistic, versatile, and easy to operate.  Their stable, vibration-free operation helps assure high quality and crisp printing as well as guarantee accurate metering.  The in-line printers print directly on the outside or inside ply of the tube.  They can print the customer’s identification, logo, color stripes, UPC labels, and much more.  Yazoo’s customers like our in-line printers because they help eliminate costly pre-printed film inventories, provide exceptional quality and inexpensive printing right on the paperboard.



Yazoo Mills has been a growing company for decades and with that growth has come a lot of changes.  Our New Oxford plant has been up and running since 1980 and has been expanded and remodeled many times.  During our most recent remodel project, we created 10 additional offices, a training room, additional handicap bathrooms, and a brand-new kitchen with tables, chairs, and upgraded to all stainless steel appliances.

The training room was designed to facilitate employee development, leadership skills, and mentoring in specific departments.  This room can hold up to 16 employees and is the central location for safety meetings as well as daily shift change/production meetings.


Yazoo Mills has installed a new adhesive storage and distribution system in their New Oxford facility. The system upgrade will provide 40% more onsite storage capacity, shorter unloading times, and improved distribution throughout the manufacturing plant.  Additional plant infrastructure upgrades are planned and in process to accommodate the increased demand for Yazoo products.