Yazoo Adds Three New In-line Printers to Production Lines


The year 2014 is already starting to prove that it is going to be a busy one for Yazoo Mills.  We will be adding flexibility and gaining efficiency with the installation of three new Bell-Mark Flexographic in-line printers bringing us to a grand total of 14 throughout the plant.

Bell-Mark produces printers that are very simplistic, versatile, and easy to operate.  Their stable, vibration-free operation helps assure high quality and crisp printing as well as guarantee accurate metering.  The in-line printers print directly on the outside or inside ply of the tube.  They can print the customer’s identification, logo, color stripes, UPC labels, and much more.  Yazoo’s customers like our in-line printers because they help eliminate costly pre-printed film inventories, provide exceptional quality and inexpensive printing right on the paperboard.