Yazoo Mills Becomes a Mortgage Angel

Yazoo Mills not only cares about our own employees, but also about the communities where we all live and work.  Through our sponsorship of local community organizations and charities, Yazoo and its employees are making a difference in neighborhoods and communities across Central Pennsylvania.  Recently, Yazoo Mills became a Mortgage Angel for Olivia’s House: A Grief and Loss Center for Children.

James Poster, Development Director at Olivia’s House, said “One year ago, Olivia’s House opened a new center in downtown Hanover, PA and is providing education and support for children and their families after the loss of a family member, close friend, and even pets.  In addition to their educational and peer support programs, the services at the new Olivia’s House Hanover include a public lending library of grief and loss resources, pre-death support, trauma services, and professional mental health counseling referrals.

Poster continues to say “Olivia’s House is very thankful for Yazoo Mills’ continued support of our mission by being our June 2015 Mortgage Angel.  As a non-profit, our needs are many, starting with the newly renovated center.  The mortgage is a very large financial responsibility each month.  Olivia’s House seeks “Mortgage Angels” to help cover these monthly payments.  The support from the Mortgage Angels help Olivia’s House to focus on the needs of grieving children in the community instead of worrying how to keep their doors open.”

For more information on Olivia’s House, please click here.