Yazoo Mills Stays On The Ball with Safety Training

Safety Training For Employees At Yazoo Mills
As a company, we are constantly looking at safety training for our employees to take advantage of.  Safety training has always been in place with Yazoo and continues to remain of high importance.  Every other year, the company has the American Red Cross teach CPR, AED, and First Aid training and the New Oxford Fire Company also teaches fire extinguisher training on a yearly basis.  Currently, we have a total of 15 employees on staff that have training in all four areas.

Both employers and employees reap the benefits of safety training.  For employers, it helps lower the insurance risk and premiums, creates better workplace safety, and is very marketable in the hiring process.  For employees, it helps ensure health and safety, brings safety awareness within the company, provides accident and emergency response training, and helps prepare employees to potentially save lives.