Snap-Seals Added to Stock Program

Yazoo Mills is continuously adding new inventory to help enhance customer satisfaction. They are happy to announce the addition of the snap-seals to their stock mailing tube program.  Snap-Seal tubes are economical, ecologically friendly, and convenient when mailing inexpensive and fulfillment items.  With only a pinch needed to seal, the crimped ends resist bending or folding and save time as well as packing costs. Currently, they offer nine different sizes to choose from.

With a total of 95 sizes of mailing tubes available for same day shipment, Yazoo’s stock program has the most extensive selection of sizes and colors to choose from, anywhere.  Their mailing tubes are always in stock, guaranteed.  Yazoo Mills is constantly evolving to meet the customer’s needs as well as go above and beyond to provide them with high quality products.