Yazoo Adds Backup Power Capability to New Oxford Plant

Power outages can be detrimental to a business, especially in the manufacturing industry. Even a slight disruption can be costly in ways of safety, mechanical failures, loss of materials, and production time—which has led Yazoo to take action.

Yazoo Mills, America’s largest manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, is pleased to announce its latest investment of a commercial backup generator for its 150,00 sq ft facility in New Oxford, PA. Built to weather the storm, the 20-foot 510kw Kohler generator was recently installed to keep our three-shift operations running at full capacity following a power outage. Equipped with an automatic switch that kicks on immediately following an outage, our customers will have a greater sense of security in knowing our operations won’t stop when the power grid goes out.

Yazoo remains committed to continually reinvesting in our company and equipment which will help to reach more customers and meet market expectations. Adding a backup power supply will not only provide our company added security for always being up and running, but it will also add a sense of comfort for our customers to know our service will not stop due to unexpected blackouts.