Yazoo Mills Implements New Document Management Software Program Throughout Company

A major challenge facing organizations today is not only the means of collecting and distributing their data but more importantly understanding how to best leverage its inherent value.  In January 2014, Yazoo Mills partnered with Vanguard Systems to implement their Document Management Software throughout the organization.  The customized software provided a solution that fulfilled the company’s goals of eliminating paper, stream-lining and digitizing their business’ critical processes across all of their operations.

Document Management Software has helped Yazoo’s sales department improve its customer service and retention, invoicing, order entry, and decrease manual work to a large degree as well as minimize the risk of errors.  The software allows the company to embrace upon specific objectives such as maximize labor efficiency, enhance the company’s green initiative to the plant, and ensure relevant and pertinent information can be found in a timely manner.

Yazoo Mills is now able to utilize more space, improve communication, boost their bottom line, and have instant access to files anywhere across the enterprise.  Not only is the software simplistic and efficient, it also provides security by protecting private and confidential information.