You Can Use A Paper Tube For That?

When you think of the words ‘paper tubes,’ you probably start thinking about mailing, shipping, and storage tubes.  Did you know that you can use Yazoo Mills’ paper tubes for a variety of projects?  A restaurant in Texas recently used our tubes as “sleeves” for their sauce bottles.

“The main purpose of the tube is to serve as a unique design element to showcase our sauces.  Stick-on labels are ugly and come off easily when the bottles are washed.  By placing the design on a removable sleeve, we kill several birds with one stone.” Says Martin Hironaga, Owner.

He goes on to say, “Another benefit is that the paper sleeves enhance the life-span of the plastic squeeze bottles as they allow the squeeze force to be distributed more evenly along the face of the bottles.  The cut outs in each tube serve two purposes: to be able to see the level of the sauce and for the customer to be able to better squeeze the inner squeeze bottle.”